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Today Telsa filed SEC reports indicating that Elon Musk has chosen to purchase 1.5 Billion Dollars of Bitcoin. 7.7% of the Tesla treasury moved from US dollars into Bitcoin. But Elon Musk is not alone. Mexico’s second richest man says Bitcoin is his ‘best investment ever.’ Ricardo Salinas Pliego made a public announcement that he is investing in Bitcoin. This is just the tip of the Billionaire iceberg. This video will explore some of the Billionaires that have invested in Cryptocurrency and discuss why this is vital to know when it comes to your crypto investments. Be sure to watch this video to the end.


Hello and welcome. I hope that you are having a fantastic day today. I want to welcome you to our video we’re gonna talk about Bitcoin and billionaires who are buying Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Now we’re gonna talk about Bitcoin in particular. But I’m convinced I don’t have proof of what I’m about to say. So I could be wrong, but I really do believe Hey, if these guys are buying Bitcoin, they’re probably buying other cryptocurrencies as well. I would love to know what other cryptocurrencies are buying. If you know anything about that, please let us know in the comments below. But in the meantime, I do have some proof that there’s a handful of billionaires that are buying Bitcoin, and I think it’s likely that we’re gonna see even more billionaires buying Bitcoin in the weeks and months ahead. So let’s get into it. We have a great video prepared for you. So the first thing is, do something nice for somebody that you know, or even somebody that you don’t know, but do something nice. It is something called Tikun Olam. And so check out this slide when you have a little bit of time. Our disclaimer is I’m not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. This is my opinion. Now this paragraph here is not here as legal mumbo jumbo even though it is legal mumbo jumbo. Here’s the important thing about this paragraph here. This paragraph is designed to help you take profits and avoid losses. More than anything I want to see you make some money with cryptocurrency but I also don’t want you to see you getting wrecked and hurting yourself financially. And so definitely heed this paragraph. It’s great advice for cryptocurrency investing, and any kind of investing that you may choose to do. Now we’re in the future. Now, as I mentioned, our website and our YouTube channel is here to give you ideas to help you take profits and avoid losses specifically with cryptocurrency. Go visit our website, it’s luminate That’s l u m i n the number eight When you do visit our website, scroll to the bottom there’s a place where you can put in your email address by putting in your email address, we’ll notify you when we post videos. And even more importantly, we’re gonna we’re gonna let you in on our private online webinars. So definitely be sure to avail yourself of that. Now, I wanted to give you this chart here. And the primary reason is is you can pick any day between now and 2010. Go all the way back to 2010. And if you pick any date and buy and hold cryptocurrency for three years or longer 98% of the time you’ll be in profit. Now this chart gives you some specifics. If you had bought it on January 120 18 to January 120 11 and held it for three years, it lets you know exactly how much you would have made during that particular time frame. So we want to talk about billionaires. That’s what this video is all about is what billionaires are buying cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. The first one was news today. This was brand new news from Tesla, because Tesla had to file a report with the Securities and Exchange Commission. And so in that report that Tesla filed with the SEC, they let the world know that Tesla has bought 1.5 billion yes $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. That is huge. And with that news, it sent the price of bitcoin skyrocketing. At the last time I checked, it was in the ballpark of 44,000

Miko pyre Mike might stay right around there. I hope it doesn’t drop, but it might drop as well. The bottom line is is for Elon Musk’s business, Tesla to about $1.5 billion worth of crypto is spectacular. But not only that, you got to think about Elan musk. He’s not he’s he’s somewhat of a private person. He’s been wealthy for a good long time. And he doesn’t show everything he has in his deck of cards. And so the question begs itself, has Elan musk personally invested in Bitcoin outside of Tesla has he Elon Musk invested in Tesla through SpaceX, which is a private company and would not be required to report it to the SEC, or has Elan musk invested in Bitcoin through other avenues and other means that today are not public, given his history of dropping hints, making comments, all these different things about cryptocurrency. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that he was making comments about Dogecoin in particular, which sent Dogecoin skyrocketing to new prices. And so I’m curious what else in terms of other cryptocurrency and in other either personally or other investment vehicles has Elan musk done with cryptocurrency? Now, we know from the SEC reporting that this particular event was 7.7% of the gross cash of Tesla. So Tesla has taken their Treasury and almost 8% of the Treasury is been moved from cash in bank accounts into cryptocurrency. Now, I personally would love to know what percentage of Elon Musk’s total wealth both in Tesla, SpaceX, his other business ventures, and personally what percentage of his wealth is actually invested in Bitcoin? That would be really interesting to know, I think it would be useful, but based on him putting eight almost 8% of the Tesla Treasury in the Bitcoin, it makes me think that he might have a lot of other places where he has actually invested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency given that he made those comments about Dogecoin it wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out that he’s got a list of cryptocurrencies that he has invested in. Now another billionaire that I wanted to bring up to you and bring to your attention is this gentleman out of Mexico, he’s Mexico’s third richest person, and he also has invested significant amounts of money into bitcoin. This the billionaire with an estimated worth of 1.3 billion as of January he changed his Twitter bio over the weekend to include Bitcoin hashtag crypto Twitter users in some of Salinas, more than 840,000 followers. Your uploaded note reported reported noticing the change on Saturday, the time the price of the cryptocurrency asset surged to more than $40,000 for the first time in 23 days. And so here we have an example of Ricardo Salinas, pa go I apologize, I’m convinced I probably did not pronounce that correctly. Forgive me for not pronouncing it correctly. But he’s the chairman of conglomerate group Salinas and Mexico’s third richest person is plugging Bitcoin on social media. Now, a billionaire plugging Bitcoin tells me something and that is you’re not I would be very, very shocked if he would plug Bitcoin and not be invested in it prior to plugging it. My guess my expectation is that he has some kind of investment in Bitcoin and or cryptocurrency and that’s why he made that particular plug that he did it on Twitter to 840,000 followers. So that’s pretty significant. Another billionaire is Bill Miller, and he is going to invest $400 million in Bitcoin and he’s gonna do it through the grayscale Bitcoin trust gbtc. Now, 400 million is a substantial sum of money. It’s a lot more than I could even dream about investing. But hopefully, Someday, I’ll have the kind of money where I could do that. But we’re, we’re so far away. We’re not even in the same

state, so to speak, maybe not even the same country when it comes to to finances. But the important thing here, you know, as I’m showing you, these billionaires, what you want to think about is, what do they know? What information do they have as a billionaire? Now, this is my opinion, and I can’t prove it, but if you’re gonna invest a million dollars $100 million $1 billion into bitcoin and or cryptocurrency I would think you’re gonna do your homework first. I would think that you’re going to have specialists, analysts investing, you would probably invest money into researching out cryptocurrency slash Bitcoin before you ever put a dime into it, especially when you’re talking about a billion dollars. So, we may not know what their research was, but we can learn from the decision they made based off of that research. And that research has led them to invest in Bitcoin, and led them to invest in Bitcoin in very large sums of money, there’s, there’s not a billionaire out there whose ego would allow them to go public with something that could easily become a mistake. You know, when when they go out, and they decide that they’re going to build a building, or they’re going to move from one location to another location. When when people with money are making decisions that will require hundreds of millions and billions of dollars. They take their time with it, they do their research, they investigate it, they dig deep, deeper than the average Joe would most likely ever dig. And as a result, these billionaires have made a decision that they’re going to buy bitcoin and they’re buying it in a big, big, big way. So I may not know the research that they did have to help them make that decision. But I do know what decision they made, I can see the actions that they took. And I can copy those actions, just like with etoro copy trading. Anyway, let’s move on. So MicroStrategy is a company that I’ve talked about before, but we just recently got an update MicroStrategy has increased the amount of money that they’ve used to invest in Bitcoin, and MicroStrategy has currently I know it’s a billion dollars, but I keep seeing this. Micro strategies Bitcoin holdings stock surged in value after Tesla’s one and a half billion dollar buy. So I know that they’ve invested a billion dollars into bitcoin and it’s now worth $3 billion. But it was, I’m not sure if I got a number confused. When I originally read this headline, I was thinking it was actually 1.5 billion that MicroStrategy has invested over time, maybe it is only one point something billion. Let’s get down here to another chart. I think this chart, well, I’m not sure if this chart has been updated, but we can look at the numbers that the chart has. MicroStrategy is the first line on here. Okay, so I it looks like MicroStrategy has invested 1.14 5 billion into bitcoin and today’s value of the Bitcoin they’ve purchased is over $3 billion dollars. So that’s a 338% gain on their Bitcoin purchase. But here’s the cool thing about this particular chart. Now, this chart is Bitcoin treasuries. And that it shows you a listing of different companies, I’m sure once they update it, Tesla will be added to this list. But today, Tesla is not on the list, not yet. And this chart shows you a list of different companies and how much they have invested in Bitcoin in particular. So if you read down through the chart, we can see here that the current value of all of these different companies in terms of what they’ve invested in the Bitcoin is $54 billion. So between grayscale Bitcoin trust and Tesla and MicroStrategy in a variety of other businesses and companies, there’s over $54 billion that has been pushed into bitcoin. Now the CEO and the president of the company for MicroStrategy is a guy named Michael Saylor, and I was listening to a YouTube video where he was talking about it now, I’ve always believed in the four year cycle that Bitcoin normally goes through and during that four year cycle, there’s usually a bull run that’s about 12 months, 18 months long, where the price goes ballistic, and it hits a brand new all time high.

And then right after the Bull Run, the price of bitcoin tends to drop dramatically for about 12 months. The last time was the From January 2018, all the way out to about December of 2018, where the price dropped from 20,000, all the way down to 3800. Now that sounds pretty dramatic. But if you had gotten in on the previous all time high of $1,000, even that 3800 is still a profitable number for you. Anyway, all of that aside, bottom line here is Michael Saylor was talking about how in this was, you got to understand he’s doing meetings, conferences, all kinds of things, to talk to other billionaires to help them invest in Bitcoin. He did a two day conference on Thursday and Friday, the first couple of days of February that was, let me pull it up here. So it was February 4 2021, and February 5 2021, because today is February 8, it’s Monday, February 8 2021. And so Thursday, February 4, and Friday, February 5, Michael sailor had a conference where he invited other CEOs and billionaires to come to the conference, because they were going to talk about the things that he did and what his business did with MicroStrategy to make sure that they had all of their ducks in a row that they did the SEC filings they needed to do, etc, etc. They, they, they talked about things like who where they bought the Bitcoin, how they’re customizing the Bitcoin, etc, etc, they covered on a large number of topics. His purpose is he’s trying to convince other billionaires to take billions of dollars and invest in Bitcoin. And if we see 10 billionaires doing that, if we see 20 or 50, or 100, billionaires start investing large sums of money in Bitcoin than the normal 1812 month bear cycle where the price drops dramatically, the price historically will drop somewhere around 70 80%. During that year long bear market after these upcycles Michael Saylor says he’s convinced there will not be another bear cycle, and that the price will continue to go up. And his justification is mostly about billionaires investing in Bitcoin. And if he’s successful at getting a handful of billionaires investing in Bitcoin, then that definitely has the potential of happening. So Time will tell who knows how successful he will be at it. But it’s pretty clear from the articles we just went over, that he may have been that there other billionaires investing in it, even if they haven’t even talked to Michael sailor. I didn’t see anything about Elan musk talking to Michael sailor and that had something to do with his decision to take Tesla he was tweeting about and teasing things about Bitcoin for about the last two years. And so he may have done that independent of Michael Saylor, we may be seeing a lot of billionaires behind the scenes that are buying Bitcoin. Anyway, time will tell it’s an exciting time to be involved with all of this. And if you don’t have any money invested in Bitcoin, I hope that you’ll make a decision to at least dig deeper into it. Don’t just take my word for it. Notice take this video for it. But dig deeper, find out more about what’s going on with all of the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin in particular. Now we’ve built I spent two years and 1000s of hours building a computer program that gives us buy and sell signals for cryptocurrency and for Bitcoin it actually reviews at different cryptocurrencies, but I’m going to be adding to that list. I’m going to make sure that we cover the top 100 cryptocurrencies and this mind numbing math gives us a really successful decisions about purchasing cryptocurrency and if you want to see the track record that we have so far, you can go to slash people slash lumen eight algo trader Be sure you put in the number eight there and take a look at the recorded stats that etoro has put online since we started on October 14. etoro has a chart and says okay, if

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