About Lumin8 Crypto

About Lumin8 Crypto

Lumin8 Crypto is here to help you take profits and avoid losses with Cryptocurrency. We accomplish this with:

  • Videos that break down the complex world of Cryptocurrency into easily understood pieces. You will find that our videos focus on helping you understand the value of Cryptocurrency and the direction that the market is going. With my computer programming background, I can offer insights that are not always obvious at first glance.
  • With two years of work, thousands of hours of testing, I have created a computer program that indicates when to buy/sell Cryptocurrencies. Here are a few specifics about this program:
    • The Trading Program has an average gain of 40% plus with top trades reaching 98% plus.
    • The Trading Program wins an average 55% plus of the trades it enters.
    • On average, the Trading Program will buy and hold a trade for 30 days.
    • We run the Trading Program once per day. 
    • We started to use the Trading Program with eToro. November 2020, the program had a gain of 49%. That is worth repeating. A 49% gain in one month.
    • Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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About the author 

Mark G

For 20 years, I have been writing computer code. I first learned of Crypto in Aug of 2018. I immediately invested money into a handful of Cryptocurrencies. Every day I publish a new YouTube video about Cryptocurrency, and I am applying my 20 of technology experience to breakdown the complicated world of Crypto into understandable bite-sized pieces. Please subscribe: http://bit.ly/l8cYTube

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